måndag 5 juli 2010


I have a yarn-pal, Joyce, in Clarence PA. in april the theme was "blue" and this is what I got

in may the theme was "favourite team-colours". this is what I got

can you see how spoiled I am by Joyce???
amazing things she sent me and I'm so happy to have her as my new friend.
there is one more package coming, I'm getting the last things togheter for her package to send before this week is over. I'm a bit late I know... the theme for june is "summer" and I will post pics of the things I got from Joyce *promise*

for july, august and september I got a new yarn-pal, Melanie in USA. I'm planning her first package also :)

www.ravelry.com is the place were you can get new knitting/crocheting-friends :)

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