lördag 24 mars 2012

wonderful gift

maybe you can remeber that I spent one month, september 2011, in Durham England to attend a course to learn more about fingerprints.

in Newcastle I found a fantastic yarnstore The Knit Studio.

since jan 9 I'm in a new job and one of my colleagues went to Durham to attend that same course. he was fortunate to have the same instructor and I sent some swedish yarn for her. in return she sent a bag of joy for me :)

lovley yarn from one of the best shops ever *happy*
I really miss Anne, the shop and all the lovley ladies and hope I will be able to go back soon.
I also miss NPIA and all the staff and ofcourse my instructor.

bag of pure joy :)

lovley, soft alpaca just 2 miles from my instructors home *love*

now I'm thinking o what to make with it, feel free to give ideas ;)
it's 50 g worsted 4ply approx. 175 m (190 yards) in every skein!

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  1. How lovely - I knitted Chadwick by Stephen West in these exact colours! It was perfect!