lördag 24 maj 2014

ravelry 23/5

in the group "Project Bag Swap" on Ravelry I took part of "Swap 9: Springtime!"

today my parcel arrived, from Aberdeen.

and look at all the goodies *spoiled* it truly fab and look at the bag, the fabric.... with elephants *wiiii*
the yarn, the colour!!!

thank you so much "Bright-Spark" for spoiling me rotten, I love it!!!
my kids sends their love and thanks to :)

it seems the parcel came via Ecuador and that they opened it??? I hope everything got here, nothing is broken... but strange it is... I don't read/speak spanish so I don't know what the note says (it was stapled to the parcel).

3 kommentarer:

  1. vilka underbara paket, hoppas allt är bra med dig och familjen, ha det gott

  2. Men vilka härliga paket du får, jätte fina.
    Ha en bra dag